About Us

SkyTek Wireless Solutions specializes in the construction and maintenance of Wireless Communication Towers.
  • Been in business since 2000
  • Fully insured and a Licensed General Contractor for the state of Florida & Georgia
  • Civil crews, tower crews, welding crews, as well as electrical are all in-house employees
  • All personnel have current and up to date certifications
  • Established vendor agreements with carrier’s and tower owners within the industry
SkyTek is experienced in the following areas:
  • Tower raw lands
  • Tower upgrades/mods
  • Core drilling & Tower Steel Modification
  • Tower welding
  • Guyed wire change outs and Plumb & Tensions
  • Line & Antenna work for all carriers
  • Civil / Electrical
  • Tower Inspections
We are more then equipped and willing to work on your tower. Call or email our office and we will contact you immediately!